The Shade Garden




At DataCentred we are committed to providing the highest standard of colocation and managed services to our customers.  We also have a vision to take the market to the next generation; moving beyond a shared physical space to a shared computing space.  

We incorporate the latest developments in process, fit out and technology to build the greenest, state of the art data centres providing the highest levels of connectivity and colocation services.  

Our vision is that exchange will take place at many levels, not just the physical

connectivity and sharing of space.  Beyond providing the best data

centre services in the world we aim to capitalise on our

facilities and equipment to create a shared, neutral

cloud computing infrastructure.  By coupling

together the shared capacity of all the

equipment housed in our data centres we

aim to provide a super-powerful system

which is capable of huge data management

and ultra high performance computing.

This shared computing space can be

harnessed by public, private and academic

organisations; by content originators and

content distributors; by anyone who

needs connectivity and computing

power either 24:7 365 days a year

 or periodically on a project basis.

Our vision is to provide the shared

space that facilities the exchange and

creation of services.