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As the use of data centres has grown so has their impact on the environment, a much more

rigorous approach to their operation must be adopted. Nowhere is this clearer in the

need to address the dramatically increasing power consumption of modern data centres.




The current design and operation of data centres have been over-engineered. This has

resulted in fit outs which are more expensive in economic terms and carbon than is

necessary.  By applying simple engineering approaches to these areas we have produced a fit out which consumes substantially less carbon in installation, but more significantly consumes

far less carbon in operation throughout its lifetime. Since a data centre may have a lifetime of 30 years, the carbon efficiency of systems that we build now is of huge

importance to the environment for many years to come.



Our innovations in process engineering and technology in relation to power

consumption,  cooling,  utilisation and the physical fit out allow power

consumption  in  data  centres  to  be halved, The  process  of

consolidation  itself  allows  for  additional  energy  use  reduction.

Free air cooling will be installed as standard in our data centres, thereby

enabling us to utilise the more expensive, carbon greedy air conditioning only

when necessary (which in sunny old Manchester certainly isn’t every day).